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Located on three hills, watching the Sea, Ostuni is on the Adriatic Coast and it is known as "the Door of Salento", beacuse it is in the High Salento.

Ostuni is the most suggestive place to visit in Apulia.
It is also called the "White City"
for its characteristic white historic centre. The inhabitants keep the white walls to make clean and cold the houses.
Ostuni is magic and will amaze you from the first moment!!

Beautiful lanes, stone arches and charming squares: a full immersion in the white colour!
Walking through the typical narrow streets of the old town, makes to discover a place with
 colours and shades always new.

You can visit the city from the highest point of Ostuni, to admirate the beautiful Gothic Cathedral with its magnificent rose window, the biggest in Italy!

Moving down, you can stopping
to admirate the typical shops and artisans at work. It is the moment to do shopping!

and after you could make a break in many famous locals, called "street-aperitif" of the historic centre:
it will be a wonderful moment!

Then you'll arrive in "Piazza Libertā", central square and the heart of the touristic life of Ostuni,
 place in which all the visitors can admire many events organized in summer!

The most important and famous patronal Feast in Ostuni is for Saint Oronzo, in August:
three days of music, parade of various horses and riders with red clothes, and other attractions, to celebrate the Saint of Ostuni.

And then, Ostuni has got an other wonder... the clean Sea!

With more of 17 Km of the coast, the white city has wonderful landscapes
with dunes covered with Mediterranean maquis, Sandy Beaches, low rocks, aragonese towers and different villages at the Sea.


This place has all the main features for
who wants an holiday in relax (like a beaches of "Torre Pozzella" or "Santa Lucia")
and for who prefers long sandy Beaches (like the area of "Lido Morelli")

For a unique experience, the visitors can make different excursions between
natural landscapes, centeraries olive threes and marine areas,
important heritage of the territory, with tours organized from the Associations "Millenari of Puglia".

On foot or by bicycle, all the tourists can admire the typical house of the farmers, called "Masserie";
the stone Churches; the old underground mills;
protected areas and much more.
Happy Holiday!


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