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Ostuni has got more than 20 km of Coast of the Adriatic Sea.
It has different landscapes with dunes covered with junipers, there are sandy beaches, rocks, ancient towers and little sea villages:  they are wonderful places!

In about 7 km from the White City, that rises on 3 hills towards the sea, you can reach the Coast of Ostuni,
visiting the different Sea areas every day...

We start from "Pilone", a famous place of the Regional Park called "Dune Costiere", with its diamond tip:
the beach of
Lido Morelli!

This sandy beach is the most loved area for the families, where people and mostly guys make friendship, and there will be beautiful memories of a wonderful vacation!

In this Regional Park of Dune Costiere, there is the most important and exclusive village: "Rosa Marina",
with its long, sandy, famous and equipped beaches.


Not only the beaches, but there also are wonderful sea villages, like "Villanova".

Here you can take a boat tour, a walk at sunset, a dinner at the sea...
and a lot of other things!


From Villanova, you can reach a place called "Camerini", through bicycle and pedestrian path,
where there are small creeks, and the sandy beach with an equipped side and a free side,called "Il Faro".

 Following the bicycle and pedestrian path, you can start the discover!
Between nature and landscapes uncontaminated, you'll find "Gorgognolo"...
Here the nature is wild and there are small creeks with low cliffs.
The water of a little beach is blue and crystalline, ideal to make long baths.


And following the coast, you'll arrive in "Costa Merlata",
destination of families who search a beach for babies and for guys.

In this area there are other small creeks, surrounded by greenery with mediterranean plants!


And then, Southerly, we find a wonderful and rare place ideal for who search a quiet atmosphere:
"Torre Pozzella".

This area has remained intact for centuries, and represents one of the beautiful place of Apulia,
with its bay, its colours and its scent

The place is uncontaminated, far from a lot of tourists.
Between small beaches and creeks with low rocks, there are natural pools in the sea.


..And at the end of our tour of the Beaches in Ostuni, we find the area called
"Santa Lucia".

Hidden by junipers and mediterranean plants, you can find a bay with sandy beach,
where at the side there are low rocks for who loves disps and quiet.


...These are just some of beaches of Ostuni...
...many more are the wonders to discover...

And for other discovery, we leave it all to you:
surely, Apulia and Ostuni will remain in your memories and in your hearts!


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