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The beautiful and fascinable village of Villanova, a touristic centre of seacost in Ostuni, is full of sceneries and landscapes where you can spend the summer, enjoying the sun and the sea, in the wonderful Apulia!

In the evening you can walk in the touristic Port, admiring the sunsets close to two piers, at the sea. The experienced swimmers can dive from one of two piers in a crystal and clear sea, symbol of a title of BLUE FLAG that Ostuni has from many years.

Here you can have a beautiful and unique experience!
You can take a boat tour with your friends, your family and your children;
you can make an excursion in the sea and you can taste an aperitif watching the sunset.


…and then… Relax! Choose a bar with a sea view in which you can eat a super ice-cream or an happy hour with your friends, before an excellent dinner with a typical meal of Apulia.

Villanova is this, especially this: good, typical and traditional food, made in Puglia!
The Bakehouse are so famous, where you can find “focacce” (tasty salad cakes) and “taralli”.

…And we can’t forget the famous dairy products: the “burrata”, a queen of gastronomy in the world.
You can eat all of this  with the splendid view in Villanova!

This was just the appetizer!
Here, there are many Restaurants directly on the sea, and you can choose your favourite meal!

Food, drinks and much more…
You can spend the time in Relax between sun and sea!

From Villanova, You can reach the sandy beaches through a bicycle and pedestrian path, that is also ideal for joggers and for cyclers.
This bicycle and pedestrian path is close to a nature trail, 7 kilometers long.


After a swim in the sea, the children can play in the open baby parking “Hakuna Matata”,
while kids and adults can organize soccer or volleyball tournaments
in the soccer and volleyball playgrounds of “Mare Sport”.

In the evening, You can enjoy a lot: many live concerts and events at “XXL Beach Cafè”,
known local in this place.
So, the summer is live music, a dinner with friends and dancing on the track.


At last, there are public transports that, every day, connect Villanova and Ostuni at various time.
In the evening this public transports are free and You can go in the center of Ostuni to visit its old town, a touristic area where there are shops and typical locals.



- Marco Carani Nautica
Boat Rental - Excursions - Living Sunset
Tel. 0831/1871208 - Mobile phone: 336/814858

- Holiday Park
Bicycle Rental
: 338/4626789
Car Rental and Taxi Service: 339/7520845

- XXL Beach Café
Info: 346/8353513

- Sandy Beach "Il Faro"
Informations about rental of sun umbrella and sunbed

e-mail: info@ilfarostuni.it

Service active from18 June to 15 September:

- Departure (from Villanova to Ostuni)
h.20:45 - h.22:45  - h.00:45

- Return at the Sea (from Ostuni to Villanova)
h.21:30 - h.23:30 - h.01:30

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